Suicide Risk

Here is a suicide checklist I created after listening to Rob Orman’s ER CAST. He reviewed the literature, and while there is no checklist that can predict anyone’s behavior, this seemed like a good list of things to document in those who are potentially at risk for suicide.

Risk Factors:
– Trigger (Events leading up to this episode): ***
– Rational thinking loss (Anxiety, psychosis, agitation, etc): ***
– Age and gender (15-24, >65 are at higher risk, male higher risk): ***
– Access to means (Firearms, medications, etc.): ***
– Previous attempts (number, lethality, < 1 year since last attempt): ***
– Prev psychiatric care (Recent psych admit increases acute risk): ***
– Excessive EtOH or drug use: ***
– Depression and hopelessness: ***
– Sickness (functional impairment, chronic pain, increased dependence on others): ***
– Ideation (more intense thought, completed or lethal plan are higher risk): ***
– Lack of social support, isolation: (friends, family, coworkers, get collateral info): ***
– Organized or serious attempt: ***

***Protective Factors:
– Support (family, friends, religion, etc):***
– Awareness (insight, coping skills, decision making):***
– Future oriented (Planning/looking forward to future events):***
– Engaged (not withholding information, lying, or resisting evaluation):***

Estimated suicide risk (Low, medium or high): ***
Plan: ***

Suicide Risk

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